Final Video and Podcast for StrongWomen Across America

January 5, 2012

Nutrition, Nutrition Updates

I spent the majority of the fall working with Dr. Miriam Nelson on the StrongWomen Across America tour.  Jessica McGovern and I spent countless hours compiling video footage and editing it into short video vignettes that told a story of each town Dr. Nelson and her team visited.  And now, our many hours of work has culminated into one final video and a podcast.

The final StrongWomen Across America video tells about the tour from start to finish.  How did the idea come about?  What did Dr. Nelson do in each town? What are the towns working on now? Where do we go from here?  Within a short 10 minutes you will have the answer to all of those questions.

The StrongWomen Across America podcast looks at the tour from a different approach by digging deeper into the experience of travelling across the country in a car.  Dr. Nelson and her colleague, Eleanor Heidkamp-Young, talk candidly about what they ate on the road, their most memorable experiences, and a few surprises along the way.  You can listen to the podcast on the Friedman Nutrition Talk website or find it on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy hearing more about the tour and especially hope Dr. Nelson’s journey will start you thinking about the food and physical activity environment in your community and inspire you to make the needed changes.

Eat Well.Feel Well,

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