Waking Up Fridays: Red-faced and proud

August 10, 2012


I’ve made my struggles with running very clear.

When I run, I don’t look happy, or relaxed, or even like I’m enjoying it the least bit. My face turns a crazy shade of red with white splotches around my eyes my mouth and it stays that color for at least two hours after. Sounds pleasant right? Take my word for it, it isn’t.

Caught int he act: Fake running smiles.

But, what I’ve learned is that no matter what, this is just the way I run and it’s just the way my face is going to look. So, I’ve embraced it. And that’s why I end up with end of race photos looking like this:

I’m proud of my red face. Because I know that face is what is making me stronger, a better runner, and a better athlete.

We all make excuses to avoid the challenging parts of staying active. For some it’s time or motivation. For others it’s sweat or even the red face. Whatever it is, don’t let it stand in the way of you becoming stronger, healthier, and happier. Is it worth waking up 30 minutes earlier? Yes. Is it worth challenging yourself to compete in your first race? Yes. Is it worth dropping the excuses? Yes.

I have a triathlon on Sunday. The last one I’ll race this season. I’m thinking I just might buy that end of the race, red-faced photo and frame it.

Eat Well.Feel Well,

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4 Comments on “Waking Up Fridays: Red-faced and proud”

  1. Jill Says:

    From one red-faced runner to another, I hear ya! Embrace the “tomato face” as I call it. :)


  2. Laura Stahler Says:

    Allison, I ABSOLUTELY love your columns!! Keep up the good work. Love, Laura


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