Waking Up Fridays: Snoozin’ Queen (or King)

August 24, 2012


I’m the Snoozin’ Queen. I’ll snooze for hours on end if allowed and often reap unintended consequences because of it. Just this Wednesday, I snoozed for two hours. TWO HOURS. The ironic thing is, when I press snooze for a long time I’m just as tired (or even more tired) as I would’ve been had I gotten out of bed at the first sound of the alarm. So, not only have I missed the opportunity for a morning workout, I’ve also ruined two perfectly good hours of sleep by pressing snooze every five minutes.

Wednesday morning starting me thinking…snoozing is more than just a press of a button; it spills into our waking hours, too.  We put off waking up or working out or eating well. Just like the physical button lets us sleep for another five minutes, ignoring healthier lifestyle changes gives us a few more hours or days to ignore ourselves and our health. Yes, snoozing for another five minutes might be nice at the time, but you eventually wake up two hours later regretting that you didn’t make it to your morning workout.

Snoozing in every day life can come in many forms…

  • Maybe it’s avoiding the gym after work because you’re too tired.
  • Or maybe you often find yourself saying, “I’ll start eating well tomorrow/next week/at the New Year”?
  • What about that fitness bucket list? Do you find yourself thinking “Maybe one day I will join the gym, sign up for a triathlon/5K/half marathon, or take that spin class?”

When you look at all the reasons why you snooze in life, you might start to see that they rarely outweigh the benefits of making the effort to get up and get moving.

This morning, I started my attempt to wake up with the sound of the alarm. Was it perfect? No, but I did wake up within 15 minutes of the alarm. And I hit the gym feeling great based on the simple fact that I made it there before work.

We all start somewhere.

Eat Well.Feel Well,

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One Comment on “Waking Up Fridays: Snoozin’ Queen (or King)”

  1. frances Says:

    Great inspiration…..thanks


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